Auction 429

3 - 4, November, 2021

Ancient - medieval - modern coins - Numismatic literature 

For our autumn auction 429, which will start on November 3rd, we were again able to win high-quality consignments, especially in the area of ancient Greece. The focus of the Trinakria collection, which was mainly brought together in the late 1980s, is, nomen est omen, on the coins of classical Sicily. Here, the signed tetradrachm of Eumenes and a Selinuntian tetradrachm from the Fürst zu Waldeck collection stand out, but even less expensive coins are not stingy with aesthetic appeal (tetradrachm from Messana), and good provenance (e. g. Jameson and Lockett collections).
Other parts of the Greek world are represented as well, especially the Greek East. Here you can find a heavy gold stater of Croesus and the corresponding double siglos from the Dr. H.M. collection, as well as an interesting series of Sasanids.
The Roman section of the new auction catalog shines above all with a range of gold coins, including a rare aureus of Octavianus with a Caesar portrait and an excellent aureus of Domitianus with auction provenance from the 1960s.

As always, the world coins begin with a wide range of gold and silver from all over the world. The first coherent collection appears in the old German area. A collection of Hessian coins of around 30 thalers from the 16th to 19th centuries is supplemented by numerous small denomination coins.
Otherwise, we would like to thank our numerous consignors who, with their small but fine collections, have contributed to a broad numismatic offer all across the German states. In general, it should be mentioned that some of the well-kept collections are rather unobtrusively spread over the entire catalog.
An example of this is a lovingly compiled collection of affordable coins from the Middle Ages, which extends from the Franconian Merovingians to the Hohenstaufen bracteates across the entire western part of Europe.
A collection of 19th century thalers, which impress with their outstanding condition, sets highlights in the entire old German area.
The absolute focus of this year's autumn auction, however, is on the coins of the German Empire. An old family collection with a choice of coins in excellent conditions is supplemented by two further, also well-kept collections to an extremely wide offer.
This is followed, as usual, by an offer of cheaply estimated combined lots before a large numismatic library, partly in bundles, concludes this varied auction.