Auctions 437/438

April 24-26, 2024

Ancient - medieval - Modern coins

Our spring auction (437) begins on April 24 with a particularly broad spectrum of ancient coins. The ratio of Greek and Roman coinage is very balanced, and the range from inexpensive Greek bronzes to high quality aurei of exquisite provenance is also wide. Particularly noteworthy is a small but exquisite collection of gold coins from the ancient mint of Trier, in addition to some rare and historically significant individual pieces.

Among world coins, a special collection of silver medals from the medalist Karl Goetz (approx. 190 lots), from Frankfurt (approx. 200 lots) and a collection of Württemberg coins, which is important due to its rarities, will also be offered. Of course, there are also numerous pearls in all other areas of Germany and abroad from the Middle Ages to the recent past, so that a balanced universal catalog is presented to the interested party.


Rudolf Hoesch Collection - Hunting & Animals

An exceptional numismatic treat we can offer our valued clientele with the Rudolf Hoesch collection, Animals and Hunting, which is presented in a separate auction catalog (438) in order to do justice to the cultural and historical significance of this special collection. The collection begins with 167 pieces from antiquity, including a beautiful section of Kaulonia, a rare nominal set of Mithradates VI of Pontos and five Contorniates The antiquities section is particularly impressive due to some outstanding provenances (including Apostolo Zeno, 1668-1750) and the fact that many of the specimens have been published in specialized literature.

Also, some of the medieval and modern coins have provenances that go back a long way. Many have not been on the market for decades. The collector has collected in all areas with expertise and also with the necessary financial outlay. The five-figure coins and medals, some of them large-format gold and silver, cannot even be listed here. Rudolf Hoesch looked far beyond his home region and collected European and overseas coins from many centuries with equal enthusiasm. Among the German coins, he was particularly fond of the coins of the Counts of Stolberg with the image of the stag as the epitome of hunting game. With over 170 individual lots, this is an unusually extensive collection from the bracteate period to the end of minting activity. Some of these coins originate from the Friederich Collection, the collection of the expert par excellence, and have not appeared on the market since.