E-Auction 8

January, 19, 2019

Ancient - Medieval - Modern Coins

Our eighth electronic auction (closing date: 19.1.2019) begins with a wide range of about 350 particularly low priced coins of the ancient world, including Celtic gold, beginner friendly Greeks, rich in provincial bronzes and Roman and Byzantine coins. Particularly noteworthy are unedited town embossments of Tarsus, Tyana and Apameia (see the "coin history" in this issue), a rare Antoninian of Aemilian and an exquisite Histamenon Romanus III.
In the realm of modern times, a series of 80 coins from Habsburg and a small series of medals from the Reformation, from the Horn, belong to a wide range of gold and silver coins, both domestic and foreign. German thalers from the 16th to the 19th century, as well as imperial coins, some in excellent condition, complete the offer, so that in total a good 950 tickets can be bid on a written offer or live bidding.

Consignments for forthcoming auctions are requested from now on.