Auktion 426

16.-17. Juni 2020

Ancient - Medieval - Modern Coins - COMBINED LOTS


Ancient coins are particularly popular in these times. This applies in particular to exceptional pieces of excellent quality such as the high-class stater from the island of Thasos (no. 62), which sets a new standard for this coin type at € 11,000 (est. 1500). The Croton didrachm with the Herakliskos Drakonopnigon (no. 41) may illustrate the development of the past years: While the piece generated € 930 in 2017 with a London competitor, it was now sold for € 2,400. With the Roman coins, it was a sestertius of the Caligula for his mother Agrippina (no. 239), which met the criteria "attractive" and "of old provenance" and significantly exceeded the estimated price of € 1,500 with a hammer of € 3,800.

As in general, the world coins showed that the lack of opportunity to bid in the auction room was largely compensated by the buyers by submitting prebids. The collector wants to see his collection grow, even in corona times. However, it is in the nature of prebids that the limit is precisely defined by the bidder and therefore spontaneous decisions that make up the dynamics of the room bidding were omitted. Instead, many lots had already been prebid by several customers, so there was often only the question of whether the online live bidders could or wanted to overbid them. As a result, the tightly calculated schedule could be kept as planned, which might not have been expected due to a lack of experience, but the internet and telephone bidders were probably pleased.
As usual, online bidding was the preferred option among foreign coin buyers, as many coins found their way to their home countries. Eastern Central Europe and Russia remain particularly popular. In addition, rarities were well recognized as such by the experts of their home countries.The interest in East Central European coins was of course also evident in the coins of the Habsburg monarchy with their colorful diversity of peoples. Bohemia and Hungary in particular, but also the Austrian mints, have been showing increasing popularity for years. A 5 ducat piece, dated 1703, Kremnitz mint, which was not even particularly beautiful, but all the more rare, brought a hammer price of € 13,000 from a € 5,000 estimate. A large silver medal on the 40th anniversary of the enthronement of Franz Joseph was increased from € 300 to a surprising € 1,600 for example. The title piece, a hexagonal Thaler by Prince Michael Apafi of Transylvania, changed owners for € 28,000 plus surcharge.
The subsequent coins of feudal German countries showed a great interest in high-priced gold, and the thalers and historical medals were consistently well demanded, while small denominations, although pretty and rare, were treated rather neglectfully.
The highlights of the auction were, on the one hand, a series of Brandenburg-Prussian coins and medals in which all thalers of the 17th century were hammered way over € 1,000 each. A silver medal from Schultz struck in 1686 on the relief from Ofen and Hamburg by the Great Elector (lot 807) reached € 15,000. On the other hand, a series of rare Rhenish gold guldens was exceptionally well received. This included a Mainz ducat from 1795 for € 17,000.

On Wednesday, the auction started with high-quality coins of the German Empire in gold and silver. Here, too, most of the lots were already highly bid in advance, so that there were usually few disputes with the Internet. Many customers had made use of the opportunity to have a view on the lots in our business premises in advance, so that the combined lots achieved good prices despite the lack of viewing possibility on auction day.

For further hammer prices which can’t be mentioned here, please refer to the result list that will be published at the end of this week. If you would like to order a copy please contact Mrs. Patatas under +49-69-95966225 or at The results can also be found in the online-catalogue website.

Unsold pieces may be purchased up to 5 weeks after the sale for 80% of the estimate under normal conditions of sale, i. e. plus buyers-premium and eventual taxes on

Consignments for forthcoming auctions are requested from now on.